Need some advice, please!

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Need some advice, please!

Post by singinfoxx » Wed Jan 02, 2019 9:45 pm

Hi, everyone! I've been helping my mother since she had a stroke 8 years ago. She is in a wheelchair, but she does well with a one-person assist. She has had numerous opportunities for therapy and was told she would have a complete recovery with therapy, but she would never stick with therapy, and so she has seen little improvement since her stroke. She can walk, but she has balance issues, and she refuses to use a walker.

My problem began about a year before her stroke, though. My stepfather refused to pay bills, and so he would get way behind on things like the electric bill. Then, he would tell my mom that they just didn't have the money to pay bills, and she believed him. Eventually they lost their home to foreclosure. We found out later that he had been gambling.

A year before they lost their home to foreclosure, we lost my older brother to a sudden heart attack. He was 44.

My mom sat on the couch (she says) as my sister and stepfather sold her stuff from their home. She said she was still in shock from the death of our older brother, and I can understand that. My stepfather and younger brother found them an apartment in a small town 8 miles from where they had been living. A few months later, my mom, stepfather, and younger brother moved to a double-wide mobile home in a subdivision in that same town. They signed a contract saying they were purchasing that mobile home from its owner on a rent-to-own basis, but when that home needed a new water heater, my stepfather and mom immediately contacted the man from whom they were supposedly purchasing the home and told him the rent-to-own contract was worthless, and that they were actually renters, so he would have to pay for home repairs. They rented from him for a couple of years. During that time, my younger brother was diagnosed with Stage 4 brain cancer. (I promise I'm not making this up.)

While they were living in this double-wide mobile home, my stepfather still didn't pay bills when they were due, and several times my mother called me and asked for $800 for $1,000. I gave it to her because I didn't want to see her go without.

Then, the man from whom they had been "renting" decided he wanted his double-wide mobile home to live in himself, so he told them they would have to leave. There is little to no rental property in the small town where they live, but there was a double-wide mobile home in good shape directly across the street from where they were living, and it was bigger than where they were living. My husband and I agreed to purchase that home and let them live in it for two or three years, and then my stepfather and mother said they would work on getting their credit in order so they could purchase the home from us. The home was considered rental property for us, so we had to put a large chunk of money down as a down-payment on this home.

About a month or so after the sale of this home was final, the home needed a water heater. My mom and stepfather immediately told us they were "renters" and that we would have to pay for the repairs.

We've been paying the repairs on the home for 8 years now, and we just can't keep up two houses (we have our own home as well). My sister has decided she would like to purchase the mobile home now (she lives in it with my mom and stepfather, along with her daughter), but she says she doesn't want my mom and stepfather living with her. I told her I would help them find a good apartment somewhere near here. My stepfather, who just turned 80, says she will have to call the sheriff to have him put out, and he says if my husband and I put a for-sale sign in the yard, he will just go pull it up and throw it in the creek out back.

My husband and I simply must sell the mobile home. We just paid $2,800 to put new central air in it because it went out at the end of this past summer. We just can't keep up the repairs on two homes, and it seems so unfair to me that my mom and stepfather (especially my stepfather) would expect us to do so.

I feel bad about selling the mobile home, but my mom and stepfather have had 8 years to purchase it, as they originally agreed. Now, both of them say they never said that.

I appreciate any advice anyone has!!

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