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Often individuals and families face end-of-life challenges without access to resources and supports that could help them in this emotionally and financially difficult time. Within Massachusetts, as in most states, there are services, care providers and support resources available for those facing life threatening illness or injury, either for themselves or as caregivers for family or friends. Yet sadly, many people who might benefit from this information either have difficulty locating needed resources or worse are not even aware they exist. Critical decisions are often delayed or not made and the needs and wishes of the dying are often not taken into account. To help address these issues, we have created endwithcare.org.


End With Care is an educational resource that provides and promotes public, professional and institutional awareness regarding end-of-life issues. We collect data and present information about end-of-life resources that assist individuals, their loved ones and caregivers to better address these difficult subjects. Along with valuable end-of-life related topics and information, End With Care’s central focus is to provide a comprehensive, interactive directory of end-of-life care and service providers, organizations and related agencies serving communities throughout Massachusetts.

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See valuable readings, checklists, tools and other materials on a variety of end-of-life issues. Find information to help with decisions to be made, actions to be taken, choices to consider, and support available.

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Access our directory of end-of-life care and service resources available throughout the state. Initiate searches by the geographic location and area served, by type of service provided, or by name or keyword.

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End With Care Corp is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization helping to provide end-of-life information and access to resources found
throughout Massachusetts.

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