Organ Donation

Even as you cope with a life-threatening condition, you may find that being able to help others in need by becoming an organ donor brings comfort and consolation. Organ and tissue donation can help others to live. In the United States today, more than 115,000 people await some type of transplant.

The decision to make an organ donation is personal. Talking to family members and clergy may help you to make this important decision. Most major religious groups support organ donation as a charitable gift of life.

New England Organ Bank (NEOB), the federally designated organ procurement organization for Massachusetts, has trained counselors who can give you further information and assistance in making this decision. Individuals who choose to become donors can request a donor card from NEOB. Once you get the card, it must be signed and kept with you. In addition, notify your family or designated healthcare proxy and healthcare providers regarding your decision. You can also indicate your wishes to become a donor when you renew your license.

Deciding to become an organ donor will not affect the type or quality of medical care you receive, and will not influence any life-saving efforts. In addition, organ donation does not affect the type of burial or cremation service that you choose, including whether you wish to have an open casket. There is no cost to the organ donor's family.


Additional information can be found through the resources listed below and in our blog on Becoming an Organ Donor.

For more information:

Department of Health and Human Services
Division of Transplantation

5600 Fishers Lane, Room 12C-06
Rockville, MD 20857
Phone: 301-443-7577

New England Organ Bank
One Gateway Center, Suite 202
Newton, MA 02458
Phone: 800-446-6362

TransWeb: All About Transplantation and Donation

United Network for Organ Sharing
700 North 4th Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219
Phone: 804-782-4800

U.S. Government Information on Organ Donation and Transplantation

Donate Life New England

Donate Life America

National Donate Life Registry
Register as an organ and tissue donor.

Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients

Transplant Living



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