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Understanding Grief

Posted on March 26, 2018

griefGrief is a normal response to the death of someone important to you. It can be both powerful and painful--physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. But when we understand this natural process, take care of ourselves, and seek support, grief can lead to healing and personal growth.


A variety of factors, including your personality, your support system, and your natural coping mechanisms will determine how loss will affect you. Some people feel better after a few weeks or months, and for ot...

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Signs and Symptoms at the End of Life

Posted on March 5, 2018

flowersIf you are caring for a loved one at the end of their life, you may be noticing some new signs and symptoms arising. As death approaches, you may find it helpful to familiarize yourself with both physical and emotional changes to better prepare for the end-of-life and to ensure that your loved one has a comfortable and peaceful passing.  


A person with advanced illness goes through many physical changes over time. These are not signs of a medical emergency, but pieces of...

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5 Ways to Equip Your Home for End-of-Life Care

Posted on February 1, 2018

windowIf you’re living with a loved one who’s nearing the end of their life, it’s a stressful and emotional time, but it’s essential to make the person’s remaining time as peaceful and stress-free as possible. This entails ensuring they’re physically comfortable, such as by giving them medical care and alternative therapies, as well as making adjustments to your home so it’s a welcoming place for them.

Research publ...

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Complementary Therapies & End-of-Life Care

Posted on January 15, 2018

windowThe end of life can be a time of physical pain and mental stress, both for the dying and their caregivers. While traditional palliative care supports patients during this difficult time, complementary therapies can provide an additional relief from physical and emotional burdens. Complementary therapies, when coupled with conventional medical treatments, can provide a number of benefits to patients and caregivers alike, restoring physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. In short, complementary therapies can help to improve quality of life, and quality of deaths.


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