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Supporting Employees Dealing With Loss

Posted on November 5, 2019

empty officeWhen a loved one passes away, life seems to go on hold as we make funeral arrangements, notify friends and family members, and begin our grieving process. But how do you find a balance between life and work during this time? Fortunately, employers can create bereavement leave policies to give employees ample time to attend to both their personal matters and their own grief.

What is Bereavement Leave?
When we experience loss, the most important thing we should be thinking about is how to properly mourn and honor the deceased’s life. Bereavement leave allo...

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Death in Different Religions

Posted on October 8, 2019

sunbeamsSpirituality at the End of Life

For many people at the end of life, it is common to question life’s meaning and establish one’s beliefs about death and the afterlife. Religion or spirituality can provide comfort and strength at such a sensitive time. When death is near, one may embrace a new religion or return to a belief system that they stopped practicing years ago. Some may find respite in prayer or meditation, wh...

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Create an End-of-Life Environment for Your Loved One

Posted on September 2, 2019

warm bedroomIt is many people's wish to spend their final days at home, and while not always possible, for those where it can be accommodated it can make the world of difference to their end of life experience. The familiarity and reassurance of their home environment, home comforts and the precious memories shared there, can really help soothe and aid in easing someone’s passing. 

It means also that it would be possible for them to see and spend time with friends, family, pets and neighbours if they so wish, while at the same time giving them the opportunity for some ...

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Coping with the Death of a Patient

Posted on August 5, 2019

Physician wearing surgical maskFor doctors, nurses, and hospice workers, death is an inevitable aspect of the job. Since care providers often develop deep concern and even affection for their patients, it is only natural to feel sorrow when someone in their care dies. Coping strategies are essential, both for new nurses and seasoned hospice workers, so that they can go on tending to terminally ill individuals with the empathy and care they deserve.

Become Comfortable with Death and Dying
The first and most important...

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